Monsters: Kong vs Godzilla

The most famous ape in the world has returned to the big screen just 12 years after the last cgi effort. But Kong: Skull island is no sequel to the 2005 film featuring Jack Black but takes place in the same universe as Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla. The two monsters will square up against each other once again in 2020 after first sharing a feature film in 1962. But as both cinema giants have endured through multiple reboots and adaptations, there’s more than one way to sort a king from a god.

King Kong Godzilla
Megaprimatus Kong. Supposedly the last of his kind, he dies at the end of most versions but still returns for a sequel.


Species Species unknown but some sort of dinosaur like reptile. Komodo dragons can reproduce without males so Godzilla could start a species by itself. First of your kind just pips last


Possibly a prehistoric species surviving along with dinosaurs on a small island. Scientific accuracy was never an issue.


Origin Something to do with a nuclear blast. Not exactly science, but a strong warning about something


The ability to constantly change size depending on whether fighting a dinosaur or holding an actress. Pretty useful for continuity editors.


Atomic breath not being enough, this monster has been given laser eyes, magnetism, super-speed and even flight by various imaginings. Someone should have told them less is more.


Pretty blonde actresses.  Or is that just male audiences


Loves Tons of fish. And general destruction.


Fire, chains and aeroplanes. We can all relate to at least one of these. Kong fights back 3-2


Hates Buildings. The creature very rarely eats humans but has an unrivalled hatred for our architecture.


A god on Skull Island, a star in New York and a hero on the screen. Everyone loves apes, even giant ones. Kong is king 


Worshipers Hated more often than loved in the movies but the monster has a fair few fans in the real world.


King Kong wins this battle 4-2

Both monsters suffer from a few too many remakes, too much reliance on CGI and not enough creativity. Hopes for the MonsterVerse franchise start low.


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