Ravers guide to ranting

Don’t get me wrong; I love cinema, I love all kinds of film, I’m so glad that I live in a time where great movies exist, but I also love a good rant and I’ve got so much to get off my chest when it comes to cinema. It won’t always be succinct, not always pretty and sometimes it might go on a bit too long but if you can bare to read them, my opinions controversial, harsh and self-contradicting will be laid before you. I welcome disagreements.

To help prepare you for whatever raving lunacy awaits I offer this guide…

spoiler-free Spoiler free
careful-may-contain-spoliers Read with caution
read-at-your-own-peril Read at your own peril

very long rant Particularly long rant

warning-sarcasm Warning: dangerous amounts of sarcasm
warning-foul-language Warning: foul language

edited Edited post

change of mind Since changed my mind

pinched Pinched / stolen ideas