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Everyone likes to vent after seeing a bad movie but there’s nothing worse than a film no one cares about enough to talk about. Absolute stinkers are all part of the cinematic experience, for how would you recognise a good film if you never saw a bad one? If however, you would rather never watch a bad film again, allow our critics to separate the nastiest from the just about watchable.

Our handy guide:

green-gun-icon Actually good
gun-icon Not half bad
gun-icongun-icon Passable
gun-icongun-icongun-icon Best avoided
gun-icongun-icongun-icongun-icon Painfully bad
gun-icongun-icongun-icongun-icongreen-gun-icon So bad it’s good

spoiler-free Spoiler free
careful-may-contain-spoliers Read with caution
read-at-your-own-peril Read at your own peril

warning-sarcasm Warning: dangerous amounts of sarcasm
warning-foul-language Warning: foul language

change of mind Changed my mind